Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunning on Saturday

on Sixth Avenue:

This was on either a Saturday or a Sunday, thus making it a weekend day. Or one of the days of the weekend, which are either Saturday or a Sunday. Of course, there has been talk of the "three day weekend," though I don't consider that an official designation as it pertains to weekends. Yes, why if we have weekdays we don't have weekend days? I say we should embrace "weekend days," so they don't feel neglected around the weekdays. I mean, the weekend days need all the help they can get since they're outnumbered by the weekdays. The weekdays have their clique, their President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Ombudsman, Delegate...and all the weekend days have is each other. Just the two of them, building those castles in the sky, just the two of them, that one and the other one. Yes, Saturday and Sunday, the defiant ones, chained together and leaping from trains. Wait, I might be confusing that with something else.

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