Sunday, April 24, 2011

Name Forgotten (I)

We did each other a favor that day in Washington Square Park. She noticed the Nettar and said the magic words, "hey nice camera" (or something to that effect, and in return for a portrait, I filled out the survey she was giving. I forgot if it was for New York Magazine, or The New Yorker...something like that. The survey was anonymous, and you had to fill out questions like, "Is America going in the right direction," and "Will the Knicks win a playoff series" (I got that one right). All I did was forget her name.

Looking at this roll I realized how great the Nettar really is, and now much I need to be using it more. It's great on bright days and loaded with 100iso film. Of course, there still is the matter of estimating focus. I do have a separate rangefinder, but I don't want to keep people waiting while I fiddle with this little thing trying to line up two images, and then see what the distance is and then set it on the camera. I was just a hair off...but I think it's still a good shot, even with the top of her head cut off just a little bit (and I don't mean like that "turbulent priest" Tommy Becket. Wow. I had no idea there would be a Thomas à Becket reference in this post when I started out).

Oh, and yes, judging by the title of this post, you can bet there will be a series of forgotten and unsure names coming up. I actually didn't know which one to start off with first, but I think she and her smile was a pretty good choice.

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