Friday, April 8, 2011

Sloping Upward

On the west side:

Oh, but I could write a tirade directed at FedEx today, but I won't. Instead, I'll give an update on a previous post.

Do you remember a while back I posted a roll of vintage film that was half army dudes, and half a car (I mean, the other half of the roll were pictures of a car, not half a car), and I couldn't figure out what the model of the car was even though it suspiciously looked a lot like a 1959 Impala but I couldn't find any exact matches?

It wasn't an Impala. It was a Biscayne!

Now it all makes sense. Even the blurry script nameplate on the back makes sense, because it doesn't say Impala it says Biscayne! According to the infallible internet, the Biscayne was pretty much the same car as the Impala, but sold for less and was mainly sold for fleet use, like the police and what have you. So it makes sense that it was on an Army base. But it still was obviously modified. I still wasn't able to find any matches for the unique grill, and I doubt any factory option was to have the exhaust coming straight out of the engine block and piped out just behind the front tires. I still think that's badass.

Here's the post I'm talking about.

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