Thursday, December 8, 2011

Matt (l) and Bobo (r)

Yes, that's Intern Matt on the left, and Daniel "Bobo" Kurlan on the right. I've had Bobo's picture up here before, but also as a candid shot, not as a proper profile shot (which this isn't). It looks like everyone had a #1 Birthday sticker on that night (except for me. I was being a fancy boy in a cashmere sweater and I wasn't about to sticky it all up. Well, not with sticker adhesive, at least). The following week, Bobo was arguably the star of the Opie and Anthony Thanks For Nothing event at the Hard Rock. I have shots from there too. Maybe this is turning into a Sirius/XM Virus Channel, I mean, Opie and Anthony Channel photoblog after all...

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