Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rock Reflection

And some kind of makeshift ice rink:

I didn't notice the reflection of 30 Rock (I hear there's some kind of show by the same name) in the plaque when I took the shot, but I'm glad that it's there. But on the whole, this is just a very run of the mill photo.


Okay, this is the third search about group sex that has somehow found someone to this site in as many weeks (or less). What are you people thinking when you click here? Can't you see the URL is "" There's nothing in there that would suggest anything different. "black gang fuck?" I mean, I'm not judging anybody here. If you want to see the entire cast of Madea Goes to Jail having an orgy that's entirely your right, but do you really think you're going to find it here?

Oh, and how disappointed are you when you find out this isn't the place for all African-American action? You could at least leave a comment.


  1. "Black Gang Coffee" is a song by Mike Watt...

  2. This blog could do with some Mike Watt talk.