Wednesday, September 29, 2010


In Washington Square Park:

Taken with the Rolleiflex sometime in the summer. I'm finally getting to these leftover 100 ISO rolls in my fridge. I believe I took this picture with a lit cigar in my mouth. It was all so very old school. I don't see enough photographers out with film cameras and cigars in their mouths. I believe this will be the cause I will take up. That is, until Bloomberg's plan to ban smoking in parks (no shit) goes into effect. I don't even smoke regularly (just the occasional cigar) and I'm against it. It was a good day to mill about a park with a smoke and a camera.

It's the little things, I tell you...

Okay, I'm just realizing it was a different day that I was milling about the park with a cigar and a camera, but why should I discard the above prose over a slight techicality? What do you want in your online blogs, unadulterated truth or a bit of "creative" musing? Besides, don't we all experience and interpret reality on an individual basis (though I'm sure the court system would feel otherwise)?

I'm experiencing hunger, and the familiar feeling that the Mets aren't going to win tonight.

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