Friday, September 10, 2010

Houston Street

Well, what's left of it:

A lot of people can remember where they were 9 years ago tomorrow. But can they remember what they did 9 years ago today? I can.

My biggest concern was the mouse.

I'd been living in my place for 7 years and in that time I never had any serious issues with insects or rodents. I just didn't have them. Even today, it's rare to see any kind of roach or waterbug hanging around. Of course there's the giant lizard, but thankfully he doesn't set any traps to kill me. .

I thought I was losing my sight, or maybe my mind. Every so often out of the corner of my eye I'd think I'd see something. A dark blur of movement. Or did I? My sanity was put to ease when out of the corner of my eye one night I saw this dark thing scurry across my kitchen floor to the alleyway between the oven and the counter. It was my first mouse.

I got some classic Victor traps and some swiss cheese (I didn't watch cartoons all those years for nothing, you know) and set them up on either side of the oven. There was no way he was getting by me. So, traps at the ready, I left home that Monday afternoon and killed some time down at Mars. God, it's amazing how much time I spent at that joint. I'm glad I don't go there anymore. Hell, I don't go anywhere anymore, which is fine too.

I came back a few hours later to find that blur in my eye trapped and fully dead. Mouse and trap were disposed of together, but I set up another one just to be sure that he wasn't one of an army. I considered going out that night (back to Mars, of course), but ended up falling asleep on the couch.

The next morning I woke up on my own, at about 8:40. I laid there groggily for about five minutes when I heard that sound scream overhead, heading south, and feeling it shake the entire building. That can't be good was my first thought.

I don't remember how long I left the traps set until I finally decided there were no other mice.

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