Friday, September 3, 2010

Greenhouse Complex

This is like the center "hallway" with the greenhouses shooting off both left and right. I think it sort of has a cathedral motif going on, if that cathedral is in Reims apr├ęs La Grande Guerre:

I like this one. Actually, I think all my greenhouse shots came out pretty cool, but I promise I won't hit you over the head with them every day. I'll space them out tastefully. And hell, I've only put up SWC shots. I've yet to even start scanning the Rolleiflex stuff from that day, which I'm also pretty gosh darn happy with.

The reason I mentioned Reims (and why wouldn't I), is that I was there six years ago. I actually spent a month traveling through France. I suppose it was my own "Eat Pray Love," except that A: I had never heard of the book, and B: I didn't do any of those things while I was there. Well, of course I ate, but I didn't go on any gastronomic explorations. There was no lapin, escargots, or even cheval pour moi. I was just as boring over there as I am over here. But the story of this journey through France will have to wait for another time. There's too much of it. Maybe I'll finally get to writing the real story, or even a book about my exploits. I'll call it, "Cry Masturbate Sleep."

Wait, that's actually not much different than my life right now...


  1. This is definitely my favourite of the greenhouse photos. The lines, the lines! They are great! Are all of the glass panels still intact?

  2. None are intact, they're all smashed, and with every step it crunches under your feet.

    As for the greenhouse photos, you ain't seen nothing yet!