Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Looking to Home

Returning from Ellis Island:

Walking around the displays in what once was the grand hall of Ellis Island, I couldn't say I felt a connection with the experience my grandfather had when he came through the very same place at age 14 some 90 years ago. I know he told me of the experience of lines and chalkmarks, but I can't really remember much of what he said. I know he told his stories to many relatives, so the experience is not lost to (my family) history, though his experience on the surface was not unique as he was only one of so many that came through that very place — I'm sure stopping by the souvenir shop before heading to Manhattan and a new life.

Though one thing I remember him telling me....when they sailed into the harbor and saw the Statue of Liberty, everybody on the boat started yelling, "Look, it's Christopher Columbus!"

I never knew Columbus was a cross-dresser.

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