Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Cheng was one of many the other day who sojourned to Liberty Island to see the big green (as she became) lady the French gave us some 124 years ago. He kept pointing to the Rolleiflex saying, "I used to use one of those," in a heavy Chinese accent, and as you can see, he was kind enough to pose for a picture.

"Where are you visiting from?" I asked.


"Where are you visiting here from," I repeated.

"I live here. A friend of mine wanted to see the statue."

Great. I meet the only Chinaman at the Statue of Liberty who's actually from NYC. This is what I get for making assumptions.

I used Porta 160 for this, probably marking the first time in over a year that I've used negative film instead of slide. And I don't really know why I thought I'd like going back to negative film. Though I bought only five rolls, but still...I mean, this is where color blindness can really be a bitch. With the Ektachrome, I know exactly what to do in photoshop to color correct so my colors are coming correct. With this shit...I have no idea. More green? Less green? Red? Blue? WTFOMG! Any suggestions out there?

Yeah, I know, I should be printing in a darkroom. And if pigs could fly my aunt would be my uncle and I'd see which one fills up first. Which reminds me...

Today I saw a woman let her dog shit on the sidewalk without even picking it up. She was engaged in conversation with a nice looking man in a suit as they waited for the light to change. Them waiting and the dog shitting. Though in all fairness I think she might not have noticed what was going on. I thought of saying something, but instead decided to enjoy the indignation of her just walking away like nothing happened. In hindsight, I really should have picked up the shit (yes, with my bare hands), plopped it in her hand and said, "your dog dropped this."

Oh, but I am full of missed opportunities...

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