Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'd seen max hanging out with some of the art vendors in the park, yet I didn't quite know what his deal was. Today I asked one of the art vendors just that.

"Max has dignity," Louis (who helps sell his wife's paintings) told me. Louis went on to say that even though he's homeless and sleeps in the park, he never asks for anything or tries to squeeze the vendors for a few bucks if he does them some small service (like getting someone coffee, for example). Louis told me he's currently in the process of dealing with the city to get housing. I've talked with Max just a little bit. The first time it was about the Flatiron building, and how when he stood right under it and looked up, he felt like it was going to fall on him.

The second time was right before I took this picture. I was out with the SWC (I'm sure you can guess that from all the headroom) and he noticed it right away, and we were soon discussing ISOs. He had also been a photographer once upon a time before he called a public park his home.

Hopefully that won't be for much longer.

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