Monday, September 27, 2010

Leaving Manhattan

Not permanently, just long enough to visit Liberty Island:

It still looks funny (not funny "ha ha") without the towers there. I think people tend to talk about the loss of the towers without remembering the loss of life that took place there. We reminisce about them, how they were the anchor of lower Manhattan, how we always looked forward to seeing them at the end of a long drive home from whenever. I suppose some would argue that in discussing the loss of the towers the loss of life isn't forgotten, but the memory of their demise is implied. But that's easy to say for those of us that didn't have personal ties to anybody that died (myself included).

Again, how to remember the gravity of an event without getting too moribund about it. How to keep it just sacred enough so it won't turn into a day of clearance sales and Twilight Zone marathons. I know I referenced this Ken Burns quote already in this blog somewhere, but I'll reference it again:

It's New York's phantom limb.

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