Tuesday, September 7, 2010

These Guys

I don't know these guys? Do you know these guys? Who do these guys think they are? What's the deal with these guys, and what does that guy of these guys got a camera:

Now this guy saw these guys and saw that guy with a camera so this guy with a camera pointed it at these guys including this guy with a camera and took a picture of these guys there.

With few exceptions I have little respect for any man over the age of 40 that wears a t-shirt out in public. Grow the fuck up already.

Today is the day after Labor Day. This marks the first day in four years that I'm not going to school. It feels a little weird if I think about it a little, but then it goes away. I think I might have said somewhere on this blog that I'll have to push myself even harder now that I'm out of school for the time being. So have I?

In some ways yes, in others...well...it's nothing I want to get into just yet.

I guess the thing I miss about school (and there's a lot I don't miss) is the research papers. Maybe that sounds funny, since I think a lot of students hate writing papers. However, I loved it, especially if it was a subject that I was able to choose and mold (with teacher approval, of course).

I wrote some damn good papers there. Stuff I'm proud of, and stuff that got As or A Minuses. I think I only got one A- on a paper. I miss my bed being mostly covered with books...cleaning out the library on whatever subject I was investigating. God forbid someone else would want to write a paper about General Douglas Haig, or examining the treatment of Thomas Jefferson's slaves. There were days I'd have to take a cab home I'd be so loaded down with clearcut forest.

And as much as those things consumed me, as much as I enjoyed developing and defending an argument — and even moreso starting a paper about one thing and discovering another idea I wished to explore — I'm hard pressed to sit here writing research papers for nobody; fun as that may be.

Let's face it, I'm a ham. I wouldn't be doing this blog if I weren't.

I'm on my knees won't you please come and love me,
Oh love me....

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