Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Few Steps Behind

This is one of those photos that I just like for some reason:

Oh, who am I kidding. I could sit here and write and say that I'm trying to capture a conversation between two people walking down the street but hell...I dig that chick's ass on the left. And on the right. And the one all the way on the left in the front a little. Chances are if I'm walking down the street behind some nice behinds and I have the SWC in my hands I'll be snapping away. It's not like my life's goal to take pictures of chicks' asses, it's just the way these things work out sometimes. And I'm not some kind of crazy ass guy or something, or ass obsessed. I don't prefer one part of the female anatomy over another...I don't even know what I'm writing about anymore, and I've probably written too much. Okay, Boardwalk Empire is starting. I had better get to watching that instead of just digging myself deeper into the pervert hole.


  1. It's okay, pass me the shovel and step away from the hole. I want to know if you have ever been 'caught' snapping ass shots. Mind you, who would know, it's not like they can look at your images right away....
    Oh wait, some of us know now.

  2. No, but it's not like I'm invading the space of these people in front of me. I'm just a guy with a camera (that they don't see because I'm behind them) that might snap a shot or two every so often, telling myself that I'm curious as to how the incredibly wide angle lens can handle such close distances (but not too close).