Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three out of Four

This is directly to the right of the main entrance of the Boyce Institute. I'm not sure I approve of that graffiti on the bottom right:

I'm not tired, but I'm not all there. Or is it that I'm not all here? No, I'm here, but I'm not all there. I might be a woman. I'm drowning my not-thereness in ice cream (haagen-dazs, chocolate peanut butter), soon to be on the couch watching Top Chef. Though I think I really need to laugh. Maybe I'll put in Bedazzled (the original, that is). I quoted it yesterday, so why not watch it? Besides, after using the quote last night, I ended up watching a lot of Dudley Moore videos online. I always loved that little genius. He was always more to me than just Arthur.

And he's buried in New Jersey, like I'll be someday. What could be better than that!


  1. Did you notice the graffiti as you were taking the photo? Or was it one of those scanning 'bonuses'?

  2. Hell, ain't nobody can sneak a dick by me!

    I know I should probably rephrase that, but I stand by what I wrote.