Sunday, December 19, 2010


Building, not car:

This was one of the shots I took on the remaining roll of film that came with that camera what I just got recently. I think this image has potential. I can work it any number of ways, and would definitely crop. The undeveloped spots on the right hand side from the developer bubbling up isn't doing much for this one. And I'm undecided about the pinstripes. Do you see those vertical strips, in groups of three running up and down the image? That's from 50something year old backing paper, well, the specific paper used during that time. It's not something endemic to all old backing papers. This is fascinating stuff, isn't it? So yeah, these vertical impressions. I guess maybe it can work with the verticalness of the buil...Whoa. According to the automatic spellchecker, "verticalness" is actually a word! To quote the great Pat Cooper, "I am a genius of myself!"


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