Saturday, December 25, 2010

Quite Possibly...

The camera I used just might have a light leak:

Or maybe the camera doesn't have any light leaks at all, and this was some kind of paranormal activity that I caught on camera. Those ghost shows are always showing eerie looking photos with streaks saying that they weren't visible to the naked eye when the photo was taken. Or maybe the man in the picture, the one right in the center walking away from the camera, maybe he's actually a ghost and wasn't there to my naked eye yet magnituded (inside joke alert) himself on film. How can we be sure of what we see at all? Maybe I saw that guy in front of me and he was a ghost all along. Maybe all those people sitting in the park are ghosts, or maybe just half of them. Or maybe I'm the ghost. I might be dead for all I know living in this world with all these other dead or living people. But If I'm dead, can I be living? Would I be deading instead? Can I be dead sure that I or anybody else is alive or dead? Are we all a dream of some other being in a universe that can fit inside the atom in someone else's fingernail and every time he cuts his nails does it produce another Big Bang creating another universe that can fit inside another atom?

Maybe Santa Claus being able to get to everybody's house in a single night isn't so far-fetched after all...

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