Sunday, December 26, 2010

This Lady

I don't know who she is, but she seems very eager to show off her book:

I have a picture of her counterpart covered in snow, so it's only fitting that on this snowy day in NYC I post a shot from a clearer day.

Local weathermen must be plastering their underwear with semen right now. They always predict doom and gloom when they're forecasting just an inch of snow, so today you know they're in their dressing rooms doing deep knee bends and drinking that newfangled Gatorade because they're going to have such a busy day breaking into local TV coverage every 15 minutes to tell us what we already know. IT'S SNOWING. NO FUCKING SHIT. And I'm sure this thing already has a name and a graphic. First it'll be a simple graphic saying, "BLIZZARD 2010," and then they'll probably give it a name like "THE BOXING DAY BLIZZARD OF 2010," that is, if they think people won't be confused by the whole Boxing Day thing. Do people even know it's boxing day? Like those poor starving orphans in Africa all those English pop stars sang about way back when? Feed the world, let them know it's Boxing Day!

But what I hate more is weatherman bias. I hate being told what's "good" or "bad" weather. It seems that if it's not 72 degrees and sunny it's a "bad" day. Snow is only acceptable on Christmas. All other days it's a nuisance. I wonder if they know that snow helps fill our reservoirs. I don't think they do, since rain is always bad except in the summer when there's a water shortage. Then it's rationalized. Maybe if you didn't bitch about the snow so much...You know, I think it's snowing less not because of global warming, but because the snow doesn't feel appreciated. Here comes the snow, all happy to blanket our city with winter, and it just gets shit on by weathermen every time it pops in. Wouldn't that bother you? I think snow has gotten completely fed up, and when we get a lot of it dumped on us, it's not for our enjoyment, it's purely out of spite.

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