Thursday, December 16, 2010

Manhattan Bridge Plaza Plaza

Are two exposures better than one? You tell me:

I don't have reoccurring dreams. You hear people that have the same dreams over and over again, but not me. But I do have reoccurring themes. Now I'm not talking about anxiety. I mean, I am talking about anxiety, but that's bigger than a theme. Maybe it's an arc. Or an arch ("they got the golden arches, mine is the golden arcs!"). Since my reoccurring theme falls under the umbrella (which sort of has an arch shape) of anxiety. Yes. Anxiety is the umbrella, my theme is my theme.

The theme I'm talking about is a loss of, or invasion of privacy. It happened again last night, and they're all a bit similar, but never exactly the same. They all have to do with my next door neighbor, and my apartment. With these dreams our apartments are somehow joined, with no door inbetween, an I keep saying, no, this isn't supposed to be like this, and she just doesn't care. It's like the feeling of being spied on through the toilet like in The Conversation.

Last night our apartments weren't joined, but in the dream I was sleeping in bed, and she was coming and going from my apartment at will, just walking in, saying things, and then leaving. And there were people walking by in the hallway. And her boyfriend also came in sometimes too and leaving. It's all so very uncomfortable on the brain.

When you're asleep and vulnerable, anybody can just come barging into your brain.


  1. You are rocking that double E!

    Holy nightmare Batman.

  2. Double nothing! I think I have a triple in the archives I can pull out for tonight.