Thursday, December 30, 2010

Karen, Karin, and Walt (R,L,C)

That's Karen on the right. I've written about her before on this blog. She was my professor of Whitman at Columbia, one of the finest classes I've ever taken. You can't really tell from the picture but at the time she was 7 months pregnant. Now she's nearly 2 months not pregnant.

Karin on the left is a theater director. We sat next to each other at dinner afterwards (along with Karen, Karen's husband (no, that's not him), and a gentleman from the Sarasota Opera. She, along with the rest of the company not shown in this picture, were all very nice (what a description! "nice!").

In the center is Walt. Well, that's not really his name. He's an 80 year old approximation of Walt Whitman. Of course, I've forgotten his real name. He took a part in Karen's annual marathon reading of Song of Myself, done every year on Walt Whitman's birthday (I suppose that's what "annual" means).

Yes, before Walt Whitman was a mall, he also wrote some here and there.

I have no idea how to write myself out of this post.

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