Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pastimes of the Past

I present today just three images that I was able to liberate from a 620 roll of Ansco All-Weather Pan. I've never developed it before. I put it in Ilfosol-3 for 6.5 minutes at 20 degrees celsius. I'm still not sure if I over or under developed it. But I worked the images as best I could to give to you, starting with the best one first, and progressing downward in quality:

We seem to have a boy here, maybe a young teenager, working on his dirt bike. I don't know shit from motorcycles so I have no clue what he's got there. I'm also wondering about the car. We'll see more of that later on, but it looks to be something from the late 40s, early 50s. Anybody out there recognize that rear tail light configuration?

Here's the second shot, almost identical to the first in subject matter:

I'm beginning to wonder if that contraption isn't some kind of tricked-out bicycle or a moped of sorts. I'm looking at what seems to be a pedal sticking out there underneath the middle of the bike. I don't usually associate pedals with motorcycles.

And here's the last shot, an overview of the situation:

There's the car, which seems to be a coupe, yet I'm no closer to figuring out exactly what make and model it is. You can also see the bike faintly, behind the car.

I like the basketball hoop. It's really a nice touch.

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