Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I took two meter readings, and opened up my aperture a little extra, even though I knew I should have opened it all the way, and maybe even gone down in shutter speed. I should have known better when taking a picture indoors of a black man wearing all black clothes. But enough about my inadequacies as a photographer, let's talk about Earl.

This is Earl Douglas AKA "Black Earl" (a nickname borne from his wardrobe — all black all the time) He spent many years working in radio. He worked alongside the legendary Scott Muni at WNEW, and went on to work for Opie and Anthony and eventually Ron and Fez. He's also a longtime member of the Black Rock Coalition. He's also a photographer and has written a book featuring his photographs of "Black Rock" bands. His upcoming gig is amazing. It's one of those jobs where you can't believe they're paying you to do it. I'm not mentioning it here since I'm not sure he would want it spread around, but trust me, it's pretty awesome. I had a really good time talking with Earl.

Earl, you're a good man who deserves a better picture. I look forward to taking it again, and getting it right.

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