Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Doing his set at the Hard Rock Cafe:

Yes, it was staff standup day at the Hard Rock Cafe for the Opie and Anthony show sometime at the end of July, and I came armed with my K1000, a 100-500mm zoom lens, and five rolls of Iford 3200 Pro. I'm sorry to say, but this might be one of the best shots I took. I'm going to have to scrutinize the other shots to see if there really is anything else halfway decent. Oh, and I still have another roll from that day that needs to be developed. And speaking of developing, I have two rolls all ready to go tonight. If I type it, that means I'll do it.

Well, it means there's a greater chance I'll do it.

Oh, you know me. There's no chance I'll do anything I say I'm gonna do on this thing.

But then again...

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