Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unidentified (l) and Bobo (r)

At Molly's Cupcakes in New York City:

The man on the left is unidentified because I didn't ask him his name. I didn't speak to either of them. I just wanted to take the picture. Actually, I wanted to take a proper profile shot of Bobo, but for whatever reason (not pulling the trigger as usual) I didn't. I'm sure I'll see Bobo again at some function and maybe then I'll do right by him.

But in case you're wondering, that is Daniel "Bobo" Kurlan. He's a big Opie and Anthony fan and has become one of the show's supernumeraries (for lack of a better term). He's also soon to be the subject of a dating game where the winning female will get $1000 and a supervised date with Daniel.

Bobo is a polarizing figure in the Opie and Anthony world. He's either loved or hated. As for myself, I absolutely love the guy. He's a sweet, innocent kid (as much of a "kid" a 28 year old could be to this 41 year old), that loves nothing more than the Mets, Nascar, and a certain radio show. I hope it all works out for him someday. I hope he wins in the end.

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