Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lousy Photos of a Cute Girl

Yes, once again I demonstrate my rare talent for taking a perfectly cute person and capturing them in a most unflattering fashion. And she was a nice girl. She was French (well, she probably still is French. I don't know why that would change between then and now). She works at a restaurant on the Lower East Side (then again, maybe she doesn't work there anymore. Unlike being French, that is something that might have changed between the time I took this picture in June and today). She said she hadn't been in NYC for very long, and was about to return to Paris (France, that is) for a short break. Oh, and obviously, I completely forgot her name, as if it weren't already bad enough that I took crummy photos of her (crumby? crumbly?).

But please, don't judge her looks on my crappy photos. She's much nicer looking than that, and deserved much better than this.

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