Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Roxy on the Examination Table

At the vet's office:

Now it might look like I'm holding his head up, as if to see what may be the matter with him. Or maybe it seems like he's looking up as to see what's going on. Neither is the case. I was holding him with my hand to keep him from walking off the table because he's blind. If he were a sighted iguana, I'd have taken a different approach to the shot. You know, because back when he could see he wouldn't just walk off the table and fall, which he would be in danger of doing if I didn't take precautions such as demonstrated in this picture. As you can see, was barely able to get him in focus at arms' length with the K1000.

I love that little guy.

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  1. i love that little green guy too. he's a good roxy j.