Monday, August 22, 2011

Watching the Competition

At Molly's Cupcakes in NYC:

I'm not pleased with the focus in this shot, but I do like the picture. There's a lot going on to explore. There are the competitors, there are the two girls holding up signs for the official cupcake count in front of the counter, behind which the other employees are also keeping watch (except for that one on the right), and the reflection of the crowd in the mirror behind them.

I don't know why I just said all that when you could have just looked and explored it for yourself. And why does it smell like cat food in here? Or is it tuna fish? Either way, I don't have a cat or tuna fish in the apartment, and this place is relatively tidy, and it seems to be coming through the window. What this has to do with the photo is beyond me. In fact, I'd say it has nothing to do with the photo, and more with what I'm doing right now, which is smelling things.

Yes, I have a hard life.

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