Saturday, August 20, 2011

Smilin' Dave McDonald

Yes, you may recognize this person as Dave, who was featured in a similar shot some time ago. But in that shot, he wasn't smiling. Dave's teeth are clearly visible in this picture, thus denoting a smile. I'm also proud to say that this picture and the other are being used for the entry page for Dave's site. But like the last time, and in my tradition with only posting one link per entry (if there's a link to post), I'll post a link for the Stanley McDonald Fund.

Just go there and do a good thing for good people.

Tomorrow I'll carry on with more Molly's shenanigans, though admittedly the Molly's shots are beginning to wind down. But maybe there will be a surprise or two to come. Actually, I don't know. Also actually, I'm really tired right now. Enjoy the picture of Dave. See you tomorrow.

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