Thursday, November 10, 2011

8th and University

Featuring my favorite building muse, 1 Fifth Ave:

I feel like I've posted this picture before. I'm not sure anymore, even though I've searched through the photos and I haven't seen this one posted (I think...). I think this is a sign I need to be shooting more lately. I also need to be developing more lately. I need to be scanning more lately. That reminds me, I have that second V620 roll that's been hanging from a nail in my bathroom doorway for a week I think, when I developed it. Why don't I just take it down and cut it up and put it into a sleeve and scan it?

Why don't I pay my bills on time even though I haven't lost the return envelopes or my checkbook?

I'll give you a hint, it's the same reason.

So I'm being a bit lazy here and instead of properly formatting and copy editing this story for the blog, I'm just cutting and pasting it more or less how I sent it out in a personal correspondence (that's electronic mail I'm talking about) earlier this morning. Enjoy?

Since I finished lunch yesterday, I was craving a ginger ale and a cookie, my standard late night snack. I went out before midnight to get it (to CENSORED, of course). I went there, got the ginger ale, and also went to the ice cream section. I had to check the haagen dazs to see if they had the peppermint bark ice cream in stock yet. they only have that around the wintertime for some reason (I mean, who wouldn't want peppermint bark ice cream all year round? stupids). So they didn't have it, but they did have this new limited edition flavor, cranberry pumpkin spice. So far be it from me to let this ice cream go untried (and besides, I must be doing something right with my health, so says the doctor), I bought a container (I can't say pint because HD scaled back to 14oz, those fuckers). I also picked up the heart cereal that they have there and not at ALSO CENSORED, BUT FOR NO REAL REASON.

so I got back home, put the ice cream in the freezer, opened up the ginger ale, but something was wrong. I couldn't find the cookie. So I started looking to see where I could have put the cookie. I checked the kitchen table, the bed, the couch. I checked them again, I turned everything over. I even opened up the freezer to see if I put it in with the ice cream. I checked the fridge. I checked the bag which was completely empty. I checked my coat pockets. I checked the pockets of my sweatshirt that I then realized I didn't even wear to the store. I couldn't figure out where I put this damn thing that I had been craving since the afternoon. Maybe I had left it in the store, but that was impossible since he put everything in the bag. I don't know how long this went on. Five minutes? Ten minutes? Where the hell was it? I sat down and opened up my ginger ale and then it hit me...


So instead of going back and getting a cookie, I consoled myself with some ice cream. I consoled myself a little more after I woke up. Now I'm hating myself. Well, actually I feel a bit better now. I'm going to be okay. I'm already okay. I can't believe I forgot to buy the cookie. I can't believe it took me so long to realize I forgot to buy the cookie. I might be losing my mind.

Oh, and by the way, the ice cream really wasn't all that. It was nowhere near the glory that is their peppermint bark ice cream which will make you ejaculate and soil yourself at the same time. This pumpkin spice cranberry business barely got me twitching down there. Of course I finished it. I mean, it's sugar after all, right?

Oh and also by the way, I wasn't hating myself because I pigged out on ice cream, it's because I pigged out and I'm a bit lactose intolerant and know better than to have a 14oz of ice cream in such a short amount of time. But I've done it before, and lord knows I'll do it again. The intolerance doesn't seem to kick in as much with the peppermint bark ice cream, I'm thinking because peppermint is good for your stomach. That's what I keep telling myself...

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  1. I hate when that sort of thing happens. It happens to me with chocolate, although I would NEVER forget where I stashed my chocolate. I have been misplacing some of my cameras lately, what's with that?