Friday, November 25, 2011

I Have No Idea

Who these people were:

Well, the woman we saw yesterday, and this is the first we're seeing of this man, though he wasn't hte man who implored me to shoot the women. That man did not have his photo taken. I'm not really paying too close attention to Gigolos on the TV right now, I'm just waiting for Dave's Old Porn to come on. Tonight's episode features Seka and Jim Norton! That sounds like quality television indeed.


  1. That dude is @Logan724 , aka Carlton Cash. The beautiful young lady is @BreeLSilva. Two of the biggest O&A Pest Family members :)

  2. Thanks Kurt. Was that you that brought me over to shoot them?

  3. I had a feeling that was you, but I didn't want to publicly speculate.