Thursday, November 17, 2011

Building Fronts

In Greenwich Village:

If this is the house I think this is (the one on the left), then it belongs to a famous musician (perhaps, I'm just going on something some chick told me once). So I'm not sure if it's the house I'm thinking of, and I'm not sure if the person who's supposed to live there actually lives there. I'd be terrible at publishing one of those maps to the stars' homes.

I had a varied shooting day today. This morning I was at the Hard Rock shooting the Opie and Anthony "Thanks For Nothing" live event, and this afternoon I was in Union Square shooting the occupiers, and trying to keep myself from getting arrested by accident. Though it seemed that things went somewhat okay in Union Square, but it seems that all the action today was happening downtown. And where was I during all that action? I was right here being cozy, of course. Oh, and I have no idea when these films will actually be developed. Next up to get the magic juice (not "Jesus Juice") are the rolls from East Side Dave's all 1s birthday party, and some 35mm rolls that I have no inkling from when or whence they came. I mean, I know I shot them, I just have no idea what's on them. Obviously, it can't be anything too important if I wasn't in any rush to see what was on them.

But then again, even when I do want to see something in a timely fashion, I can be so willing to give in to my old and dear friend, laziness.

Ahh, laziness. Where would I be without you? I mean, seriously, who knows where I'd be without laziness...

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