Monday, November 14, 2011

Chrysler Reflection

In the mirror, of course:

And by Chrysler, I mean Chrysler Building. There isn't much of it there, but when I was looking at it through the Rolleiflex, it looked like such a cool shot. You know, the majesticness of the Art Deco spire in the mirror with the side of a UPS truck in the background...And hey, I did get some of it.

What, you can't see it? Take a closer look:

Ain't that cute! Just chalk me up as another victim of Parallax Error!

So I developed that second roll of VP620. You know, second in a series of like six or something. I developed it a week ago but only now sleeved it up, and let me tell you whoever was shooting that day obviously didn't know that for an image to be captured on film it helps a whole bunch if the subject the person is trying to capture has light falling upon it (then again, I should talk). The negative was so thin ("thin," that's what the pros say, "Thin"), I could barely tell where one picture ended and another began. This means I may have cut across a picture or two when I was putting the negatives in the sleeves. I've even debated not putting the results up here, but how can I deny my adoring public? So one of these days you'll get to see the results of this day of shooting from August 1971 whether you like it or not.

Oh, I also developed the third roll, and thankfully the shooter remembered how important light can be when it comes to photography. But we can't get to three without having number two first.

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