Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dave Sings While Sam Claps

And some chick I don't know has her arms crossed in the background:

Patrice O'Neal died today. I never met the man, but I felt like I knew him. I guess all of us did who heard him on the radio, we who were made to laugh and think when he shared his insights on the world. He had a lot more to give, but his body betrayed him...betrayed us. Of course, it's selfish to say that we won't have his humor when his mother has lost her only son, his wife a husband, and his wife's daughter (not biologically his) a father. It's a sad thing to see great minds go at such a young age. I guess that doesn't really have to be said.

Goodnight big guy.

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  1. Very well put. Patrice was a giant among men, literally and figuratively. One of the funniest men EVER.