Monday, November 7, 2011

At the Time...

I thought this was an arty shot. I might have been wrong:

My gosh, you should have seen the way my inbox exploded just because I missed another day of posting. I mean, this was like the third or fourth time I missed a daily post in over two years now for crying out loud, so give me a break! And I always post two the day after I miss one, right? So get off my back already! Some people are just so demanding.

Then again, even God takes off on Sunday (unless you're a Jew and it's Saturday, or if you're a Muslim and it's Friday. I don't know if those other religions catch a day off or not. Do Shiva or Thor ever catch a break?), so who knows? Maybe Sundays off will be my new "deal." No, I couldn't do that to you, my adoring and expectant public.

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