Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stuffed Kitty

In the West Village:

Cute little guy, isn't he.

Ended up at Zuccotti Park today. I wasn't expecting to be down there, but lately whenever I go out to shoot I'm drawn to that place. And even though I was there just a few days ago (on Friday), once again it looked different still. More tents. More tarps. More tension. Maybe I go there because it's more dynamic than Washington Square lately. Maybe I go there because I want to be there with a camera when something goes down (so far in all my times there absolutely nothing has gone down, though today Ben and Jerry's was giving out free ice cream, so that's something). Or maybe it's like what I heard an older gentleman saying to someone down there a few weeks ago. It's like Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters. People don't know why they're heading down there, they just are. Maybe to be a part of something. Maybe to say they were there, even in some small way. How this all plays out, what greater effects it may have on our world (or not), nobody knows. I think in these times we all want to fast forward to the ending. Lord knows, I do. But until then I'll keep going down there, shooting and talking, and someday I'll look back on what I've collected in this current moment of history. Then again, everyone is down there collecting.

The revolution may not be televised, but 40 years ago GSH had no idea that someday it would be blogged, flickrd, tumblrd, and youtubed across the globe faster than any old TV could carry it.

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