Sunday, January 24, 2010


Even bigshot TV chefs have taken a hit during these tough economic times. Emeril's business model that day didn't help much either. He was just giving away food, and if you wanted more, you only had to pay fifty cents (as you can see in the photo. say, I didn't even notice that until just now!). And if you didn't have fifty cents, you could still get some extra food. I had a hotdog with some mustard. Actually, it was more of a pig in a blanket. I do love pigs in blankets, though this one was cold. I had with it a miniature vanilla cupcake.

I took this with my Kodak Junior Six-20. I think I estimated everything here, and as you can see, it shows with the focus. I don't even know if I had my rangefinder with me that day. Of the three shots I took, this is the one that is the most focused (relatively speaking). And I do have to admit, I'm glad I caught the dude giving him some change.

Things are tough all over.

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