Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Test

I recently acquired a Kodak Bantam Special. It's a pretty nifty camera, and apparently (from what I've heard) the Ektar lens that it came with was beyond compare, and can hold up even today. When I get a "new" camera, I usually unscrew all the lens elements and give them a good sprucing up. The lens on this one wasn't very giving, and for once I actually thought the better of something and decided not to force things and take it to the repair guy, so a "professional" can potentially break it. But I figured I'd still put a roll through it to see how things would come out:

This was the view yesterday morning. Not the ideal conditions to test a camera, but I had to see how the snow would come out.

Things aren't quite as sharp as they should be, but I think we might have some serious potential here. And of course, the post-tuneup results will end up right here.

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