Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have a lot of fond memories of Marc, both distant and recent (as recent as the other night, where we absolutely killed it onstage if I may be so immodest). Though the memory I'll share for this photo goes back to Halloween, 1992.

We had spent the earlier part of the night in Bergenfield, New Jersey trick-or-treating with old friends, and were now bombing back into the city in the Vital Moving Van, which I was piloting. There was me, Marc, George, Wendy, Scot, Chicken John...Maybe some others, I can't fully remember. I don't remember who suggested that we go to Show World Plaza, but nobody objected as I looked for a spot around 42nd and 8th Ave.

Show World Plaza wasn't one of those small dingy peepshow joints. It was a HUGE dingy peepshow joint! They had movie booths, and multiple in the round peep booths which opened up into an inner circular area where overweight topless women would flop their deflated, defeated, ashy tits in your face and try to get as much extra cash as they could out of you before your quarter ran out and the window came down. They also had a literature department, but the only title I can remember was called, Teenage Fistfucking Confidential. The pictures were beyond disturbing, so I had to show everyone around me so the rest of their loves could also be ruined when it came to the tender act of burying one's arm in a woman's vagina up to the wrist.

At one point in our giddy amok-running through Show World, Marc and I decided to shimmy into a peep booth together, I think for no other reason than to be as cheap as possible and get the most for a single quarter. As we entered the booth, an older woman, a semen mopper-upper, saw us and yelled, "Hey, those are single booths! The buddy booths are over there."

Marc snapped back, "We are not buddies!"

"Yeah, we're just good friends," I added.

We still are.


  1. LOL. Thank you for uncovering that memory. Also, thanks for not using my last name. Wendy's roomate was there. She was Haitian and I forgot her name. She was really think and said "Dahrlings" a lot, like Morticia or Madam X would. We were there because Chicken was lonely and we were going to try to find him some tail. Wendy loved the whole idea of it. I auditioned for IP earlier in the evening with George, in the basement studio and then the next day,where I almost blew it, due to my hangover. (Or it was one year later, after I auditioned and was in the band already).Stan Mack put some of the night (the trick-or-treating) in his comic strip, Stan Mack's Real Life Funnies, in the Village Voice, including Scot wearing a LetchP t-shirt.- Marc

  2. The Haitian (actually I think she was Trinidadian or is that Tobaggan?, no I think thats a sled, but I digress) was Pebbles, and I'm not really sure if she was there. And Laura and I were also thrown out of a booth if it would make you feel any better.- Scot

  3. Yeah, Pebbles was there. She was Wendy's roomate. Funny about you and Laura.