Saturday, January 9, 2010


Walking down Bedford Ave, I realized I hadn't actually physically set foot in Williamsburg in almost five years. I knew the place had changed (and it was already drastically changed five years ago), but I never expected to see two (count 'em, two)Bentleys on the main drag. But that has nothing to do with John, other than I ventured out there to see him.

I started and restarted this entry too many times already, as I see the clock getting closer and closer to midnight. I've said it in an earlier entries, but the better I know someone, the harder it is to write an entry about them. I'd like to think that can be taken as a compliment in some way. Or maybe it's just me not being able to allow myself to show emotions for someone I consider a friend (even if we hadn't seen each other for a while), lest I'm thought to be a sissymaryfaghole by that person, or the five or seven other people that bother to read this thing.

But that's my problem.

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