Friday, January 1, 2010


So this is how I figure it.

In a perfect world, I'd have all the time in the world to roam the streets and take pictures of people who say, "hey, nice camera," or people I get up the courage to ask for a photo, or friends and relatives who are willing to sacrifice themselves in the name of "art" (ugh). In that perfect world, I'd be able to put a different person up on this site every day.

But since I don't live in that perfect world, I have to put up what I've been calling "placeholders," or I'll say that we're in a "holding pattern," or whatever else I've said to say that the pictures I'm putting up that aren't of people are to keep the site alive (if you will), and not something that just stagnates. I'd like the few people who look at this page every day (if there's even a few) to have something to look forward to (okay, I think I'm getting a bit full of myself).

So I'm thinking that I'll no longer apologize for "placeholders," "holding patterns," and the like. I'm just going to keep on putting up stuff. When you see a person, you'll know the score. When you see some lame attempt at making a crushed coffee cup on the sidewalk look like some kind of political statement, you'll know that I don't have any people in the can (should I even bother making a joke on that line?), but hopefully I will soon.

I'll also keep in the tradition of putting the picture before the text if it's a person shot, and vice versa. I think I've been pretty consistent with that. Unless of course, it's an OG shot, and then it will be under the text.

Are you still reading? If you are, I'm pretty damned surprised.

Okay, two shots from the same neighborhood taken maybe just a week apart.

Iced over on St. Mark's:

These shots never come out as good as you hope them to. Or should I say, as I hope them to. Taken with the YashMat.

Tomkins Square Fence:

I took this with the Zeiss Ikon Nettar, which I've talked about in other posts. I was trying out this rangefinder, to see how reliable it would be to rely on it for focusing the Nettar. I forgot what point on the fence I was aiming the rangefinder, but I think the results are pretty darned good. My other experimental shots seemed to pan out as well. I'm hoping I can now start using the Nettar (in combination with the rangefinder) for more interesting, intricate, or at the very least closeandinfocus shots.

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