Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Or maybe he spells it "Raphael." I didn't ask.

He was hanging out at the optician's. Some people go to bars, some go to opticians. I wasn't there to hang out, I just needed my glasses adjusted. Raphael (or "Rafael," who knows) noticed the YashMat2EB right away. He, like everybody else who sees it, said, "Ah...a Rolleiflex!" and then related his own experiences with a Rollei (that's what the hip kids call them, a "Rollei").

I wish I had a Rolleiflex since I was only able to get two shots off with the YashMat out of the entire roll. I had been out and about, and it was working just fine. I didn't think it was that cold, but...well...the shutter wasn't tripping!. I'd crank forward, cock the shutter, push the shutter button, and get nothing. Then I'd wind forward again, et cetera. Hell, I was lucky just to get that shot. I tested the YashMat2Eb today here at home and everything seems to be just fine.

Of course, my "cheaper" cameras worked just great yesterday. I could say something here about quality and

In unrelated news, my scanner, has been acting a bit weird lately. Hopefully you won't soon be reading about my latest trip to J&R Music World and my time spent with a scanner salesman.

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