Saturday, February 27, 2010

Citi Field, Citi Field

In honor of pitchers and catchers (but not really), I present some intentional (how about that) double exposures taken from the Pepsi Porch at Citi Field last semester. Semester? I think I meant season. Lately the Mets have been calling me. I get tempted to pick up the phone whenever I see it on my caller ID, yet somehow I don't think they're going to be offering me $3 million a year to be in the fifth rotation spot, especially when I'm clearly a righty specialist. Yet somehow I doubt that's not the reason either.

For some reason, Fuji Superia never wound tightly in the Diana F+. I almost always got those light leaks. Sometimes they were cool, yet sometimes they were just annoying. I think the next shot has more artistic "merit," for what it's worth:

Last season I went to three games and they won each time. As much as I'd like to think I had something to do with that, it might have been more the case that Santana was pitching each time I went.

I think my mission for this season is to somehow get a picture of Gary, Keith, and Ron together. Yes, you read it here first. Gary, Keith, and Ron or bust!

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