Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This was the first "official" shot I took of Erin, right before she left Mykel's party (we'll be meeting Mykel in a future post). "If you take a good picture of me my mother will love you," she said as I took this. Though she was already feeling self-conscious by the second shot:

She said, "I'm going to start blushing. I hope that's not color film."

"No, it's black and white." Though I stopped there. I didn't need to make her feel any more uncomfortable. Though it's my favorite of the two.

Erin was also in my very first shot of the night, which you can see below. On the left is her friend Diane. I knew she'd be out of focus, though I really wasn't thinking as to what she was doing, that is, in the middle of denuding a chicken wing:

I hope Mom approves.

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  1. Oh poor Diana, chicken got her tongue. Lovely shots Evan, thank you, and it was great to meet you. No word from Mom, yet! ;p