Saturday, February 6, 2010


I found this specimen tipped over and chained to sign on Great Jones. I took this with the Nettar, standing directly above it, setting my focus with a little rangefinder. I took some other shots too, I'll have them up eventually. I'm sure you're thrilled to hear that.

Yeah, we're in a bit of a dry spell here. And the "Storm of the Century" that they were trying to scare us half to death with didn't even drop a flake on NYC. It's just as well, since I stayed in all day today and got some decent work done.

Hell, I still haven't left the house.

What, me a shut-in?

Oh yeah, I also developed this one myself. I think I'm really going to start to try to build my confidence up to start regularly doing my own black and white processing. The internet is of no help, since everybody who processes their own film swears by what they do, and they're all doing something different. I guess it's just hard for me to really know how something "should" look when I do it myself, as opposed to it going through a machine where everything is electronically timed and temperature controlled. But I just gots to keep doing it I suppose.

I guess my fear is that I'll have something that I think is a really "good" shot, like maybe a person picture or something (I could have just said "portrait" there, right?) but am too worried about screwing it up. And I'm not even sure exactly how it should look. Too much contrast? Not enough contrast? Overfixed? Underfixed?

Calgon, take me away!

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