Sunday, February 14, 2010

Post Office

You know, the one where Newman worked at on Seinfeld over on 11th and 4th Ave, down the street from Webster Hall. I was once the mens room attendant at Webster Hall. I'll have to find a picture to somehow work that story into this daily, ongoing narrative.

Or maybe it's for the best that I just forget that idea right now.

I took this with a Kodak Brownie 2-A Model B box camera, dating back to the late teens. The film used was Kodacolor 116 that expired in 1957 (October, I think the box said). This might have been the most decent ("most decent?" is that really good English?) shot of the roll. If you'll notice near the top in the center you'll see a light diamond and a circle. That's the backing paper somehow leaving an impression on the film And the dust is all me.

It looks like I might have gotten the focus finally right on the Bantam 4.5. Today I developed the roll I took last week and from what I could tell I think I really hit it. I'm excited to really start using this thing in earnest.

Remember about a week ago I made some cryptic remarks about witnessing something special and taking pictures of it with some high speed film and not having the right developer because I have to push the negs like crazy? Well, I developed the first roll and it looks like I was pushin' too hard. Pushin' too hard (on me). So I have one more roll left, and boy, aren't I excited to try to figure out how much I should pull back with my push. Maybe I should think of it as more of a nudge than a push. Or maybe a cajole or an urging ahead.

You know, I changed my mind about this paragraph. I'll save the completely unrelated news for another, more relatable time.


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