Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I bet this isn't the picture you were expecting when you read the title of this post. However, I cannot tell a lie. Jism is the lead singer of the band Ism, legends of the NYC punk scene. They are also responsible for the best record cover art ever produced (if I may be so bold). Sometimes it's the simple ideas that go a long way.

Okay, I wanted to write more, but my head is killing me and I'm way tired. It's my own damn fault. I knew I shouldn't have stayed up late last night to watch Inherit the Wind, and I really knew I shouldn't have followed it with Sergeant York. But it's "31 Days of Oscar" on TCM! It's like every movie they're showing is a keeper!

Okay, I've gots to break away from here. I'm on the verge of an overtired typing jag that won't benefit anybody in the least.

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