Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Doggie Diptych

In honor of the dog show (but not really), I present these consecutive frames what I took in the fall:

Can you call it a "diptych" if they're on top of each other instead of next to each other?

Yeah, yeah, I know...my output hasn't been quite as exciting lately as it could have been. Didn't I also say I wasn't going to make excuses or apologize for that? I suppose I did. But it's like I was telling a friend of mine yesterday. Here's the deal. And I think I've even said what I'm going to say already, but who knows where on this blog where it is, so if I repeat myself, then I repeat myself.

It's important to me that I post something here every day. Even if it's crapola. I mean, what's more frustrating than seeing some half-interesting (or even fully interesting) blog that maybe the person posts to like once a month? You forget about it. I'm not saying that I'm putting up all this fascinating stuff every day, but even if someone forgets about my blog here (I still hate the world "blog," and even referring to this site as such, even if it's part of blogger/blogspot), they can check in later on and see that I've still been chugging along with it. And maybe they'll look back at what they missed and realize, "say, there's a few decent ones in here." But good or bad, this thing will stay alive, to keep that connection with something or other. I'm not quite sure what I'm trying to say here. There's plenty o'schoolwork that I gots my mind on.

So I developed that other roll and gave it an extra push, though it didn't seem to come out much differently than the first roll. Once I scan I'll see if there's anything worth putting up or not. Now I should probably be writing something about how the only way we learn is by doing and that I'm just going to keep on doing and learning with this self-processed iso3200 stuff and all that jazz, but that would be too hack.


  1. Happy to come by and see you, friend. I'm trying to get back to posting once a week. Life here just ain't as interesting as NYC.

  2. I'll be reading!

    But you know that the difference between mundane and interesting is with the teller, not the tale.

  3. Fair enough. I don't think I'm that interesting, here. But I keep trying to find bits that are worth polishing and showing, so, thank you for following along!