Thursday, August 12, 2010

Albanese Meats

This one is hot off the presses, just taken yesterday and developed today. I'll get to the meatier (no pun intended, I swear) parts of the story after the photo:

Me and the SWC were walking north up Elizabeth between Prince and Houston when I saw them. Three neighborhood guys. The third one was sitting opposite and slightly further down the block than these two forming an obtuse triangle. But I was drawn to the two in the picture, both straddling their chairs like Ernest Thomas. I slowed down for a second and kept walking up the block.

I blew it. I should have asked them for a photo and I blew it.

I stopped and turned around. One of them looked down at me. I turned and walked farther down the street.

I should have asked them. I should have asked them.

I stopped again, turning around. I could still see them.

I should have asked them. I could go back and ask them. No, that would be stupid. You blew it.

I stopped once again, now almost unable to see them.

But why not? Go back and ask them. The worst thing they're gonna say is no, right?

I turned around and headed back. As I approached them they didn't stop their conversation. I pretty much broke in. "Can I take your picture," I asked, motioning to the two gentleman in their chairs. The one on the right shrugged his shoulders. I looked to the one on the left, and he didn't respond at all, which I took as an okay. "My name is Evan" I awkwardly shoehorned as I stepped back and snapped off two shots (this being the second one). "Thank you very much," I nervously sputtered as I scurried back up the street.

Christ, I didn't even ask them their names. Stupid.

I didn't know how the shot would come out, even though I knew the super wide angle lens (yes, the S and W of SWC stand for Super Wide) could take in a lot, I wasn't sure if they'd be in the frame. They just seemed too close as I was standing at the edge of the sidewalk. This is what I get for shooting without the detachable viewfinder. I have a photographer friend (more of an acquaintance really) who really digs my SWC, but can't imagine shooting blind. He is a control freak by his own admission.

I was anxious to get this shot back, and I was surprised that they were in the shot with room to spare. In my mind, they were just on the edges of the frame. Perhaps I should start using the SWC viewfinder from now on.

These gentlemen definitely deserve better.

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  1. Great description of a similar dialogue that seems to happen a lot in my head as well. However, you succeeded! Regardless of their thoughts on the subject, you captured a slice of life and a moment frozen in time that will never happen the same way again.

    The photo is in focus and well composed. Keep it up!