Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Painting With Sand

I'm not sure if it's technically "painting" if you're using sand, but until someone figures out a better way to put it:

The man kneeling in the bottom right hand corner of the frame is Joe. He is the creator of the sand mandalas or "sandalas," as I call them. I don't think he calls them that. He takes hours to create each piece, working ever outwards from the center, and they get pretty big. Near the upper left hand corner you'll see a little table. That's Joe's table, and by evening the edge of the sandala will reach it. In fact, he'll pull the table out to make more room for his work.

Of course, my black and white film doesn't do justice to the many colors that Joe employs. Then again, I only could have gotten this shot with the SWC. Either way I'm glad I got it.

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