Sunday, August 22, 2010

Post Office

I don't know in which circle of hell resides the post office. I also haven't read The Divine Comedy so I can't fill this post with, "I'm showing off by making references that only people who read The Divine Comedy," will get:

I love the rain, or as Albert Einstein put it, "It's only water."

I walked to B&H today to pick up some DDX (that's for all you photo insiders out there) in a wonderful, at times unrelenting downpour. It was just warm enough outside for it not to be uncomfortable walking casually with my clothes stuck to my body as people ran in vain to avoid the inevitable from the heavens, or were just hiding in doorways.

"I love this! This is great," I heard a man say to my right as I walked down 34th street. He too was completely soaked, yet didn't add any haste to his stride.

"I think we're the only two!" I responded, as we both laughed.

Not my best work, writing or picture taking, I know...


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  2. gee, sounds like a ad.....